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Wonderful Wine Dinner with Al and Penny King

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We had such a delicious and fun filled dinner in Piedmont, CA last weekend. Lots of good friends came to taste Al King Wines as well as sit down to enjoy a 4 course dinner. Penny and Ilene created each course to match the chosen Al King’s wine varietal – starting with a Grenache, 2 Zins, and finally the Cabernet. We discussed the challenges of natural farming, wine production, and the required perseverance to make it all work and come together in each of these delicious and hearty wines.

The menu was:

    Appetizers — bruschetta, empanadas, cucumber/cream cheese/salmon bites

    First course — Grilled peach salad with motzarella and fresh garden greens (mostly from Penny’s garden) served with the 2012 Grenache which is actually a French version, not the Garnacha of Spain. It is blended with Syrah and Mouvedre like a southern Rhone. It’s Al King’s lightest wine and goes nicely with salad.

    Second course — Baked Italian Penne with Italian pork sausage. This was served with a variety of 2011, 2012 and 2013 Zinfandels — all of which are holding up well. The Zins are especially tasty when paired with a tomato based pasta dish. Penny just returned from a trip to Croatia, the country of Zinfandel’s origin, so she had some stories and history to share about that vine.

    Third course — Grilled tri tip steak (thank you Eric!), mashed potatoes and green beans served with the 2012 Al King Cabernet Sauvignon which was just delicious and perfect with the steak.

    Post dinner break — Granita

    Dessert — Raspberry Almond Tart with berries and fresh whipped cream. With dessert, we all explored whichever was our favorite, open and still on the table.

    It was a great success! Thanks to all who came. If you are interested in attending or even hosting one of these dinners in the future or getting any of the wines served, please get in touch via email or give us a call at 707-888-3014.

    Until the next time,
    Al and Penny King

Welcome to the Al King Wines Blog

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Welcome to the Al King Wine blog.

Here we’ll keep you posted on what’s happening at the vineyard, with our wines and with our events.

Please check back often to see the latest.

Thanks and be in touch.

— Al and Penny King