Al King Wines

About Us

al_penny_about_us1Al and Penny King

Al King needs to be connected to the land he has been growing plants, fruits and vegetables since he was eleven years old. He lives with his wife Penny, two dogs, three cats, a dozen sheep and a flock of chickens.

Al’s passion for the wilderness led him to the mountains above Cloverdale in Sonoma County. When he saw this home for sale sitting high in the hills by itself on one hundred and eighty four acres surrounded by thousands of acres of redwoods, oaks, bay, madrone, and fir trees. he fell in love with the place and with Penny’s approval bought it. The first improvement Al did was to plant a garden. Al then noticed that there were about forty acres of the property with open grass land facing west and south, surrounded by millions of trees. Being a passionate wine drinker with an eight hundred bottle wine collection and willing to get his hands dirty, he began planting grape vineyards one acre at a time. A hobby with passion for creating great drinking wines for him and his family became Al King Wines.

Penny King lends her great palate to tasting the wines. She is a wonderful cook who keeps the family nourished. Penny and Al have been together for forty years. On one of their first dates, Al brought some wine and asked her to taste it. He said if you like this, you’ll like me!”

Al and Penny don’t like to drink wine with pesticides. Researching food and wine production it has been clear how bureaucratic and profit focused big agriculture and government have become. Wine can be a healthy food, it is good for you in limited portions but not with pesticides that can eventually kill you. Growing wine grapes and producing good wine with no pesticides is the right thing to do. Al say’s, “If I can’t make a pesticide free wine, I will not make any!”